The Wiring Regulations (BS7671) recommend that a full electrical survey (Electrical Installation Condition Report or ‘EICR’) is undertaken on every domestic electrical installation every ten years.

Because this is not a legal requirement, unfortunately the vast majority of homeowners fail to follow this recommended testing schedule, and only call out an electrician when something goes wrong.

In our opinion, there are a number of good reasons why homeowners should have a full EICR every ten years.

A full EICR will identify any defects which are currently putting the safety of you and your family at risk.

A full EICR will ensure that the protective devices which will protect you and your family from fatal electric shocks and house fires are working properly. Remember, a device which is working properly is one which ‘trips’ correctly and in a timely manner in fault conditions, so that fact you are experiencing no issues is more likely to evidence a faulty device than one which is functioning correctly.

A full EICR can identify minor electrical issues which, if left unresolved, will cause the premature degradation of your installation and property. In other words, an EICR can prolong the life expectancy of your electrical installation (which, as a rule of thumb, ought to be 50 years from the last rewire) and prevent you from the expense and disruption of having to rewire your property in the near future.

A full EICR will give you a good idea of the scale and scope of electrical maintenance works required to your property in the short-, medium- and longer terms, which will help you budget and plan for these essential works. This gives you more control over your expenditure, a kind of control which you will not be able to enjoy if you wait until faults arise and are forced to call out an emergency electrician.

In the event of an electrical fire, your EICR will serve as valuable evidence that you discharged your property maintenance obligations properly, if your insurance company refuses to pay out.

If you do decide to relocate, and rent your property, then you will be able to do so, as your installation will be covered by the necessary safety certification, which should be updated every five years, for domestic rental properties.

The above-stated benefits are only available if you engage the services of a reputable company to undertake your EICR. Beware of cheap, fixed-price offers; these companies invariably test by ‘sampling’, i.e. they will inspect and test 10% of your home, on the assumption that this 10% is representative of your installation as a whole. The Wiring Regulations and Guidance Note 3, which are the government’s guidelines on testing and inspection, specifically preclude sampling for domestic properties.

Click here to book your EICR survey with Prime Electricians or call us on 0207 06 06 06 1. All of our Operatives are Level 3 Inspectors, qualified specifically to undertake EICR surveys. When you use Prime Electricians you therefore know that your EICR report will provide a complete and accurate representation of the health of your electrical installation.