Here are some of the ways that Prime Electricians is helping it customers get their gardens ready for this Summer season:

(1) Garden lighting

A well-designed lighting scheme can bring your garden to life at night time as well as increasing the security of your property. The options are limited only by your imagination. Whether you are looking to install a timed lighting system to compliment your hard or soft landscaping, some security lights which come on automatically at night if movement in your garden is detected or a new light in your porch, we can help you. Call us today on 0207 06 06 06 1 for a free, no-obligation quotation.

(2) WiFi lighting controllers

These hardwired fused switches can be programmed using a simple app on your phone. The programming options are extensive; you can set different programs for each day, week or even season of the year. If you want to override the programme at any time, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control. This product does depend upon there being a stable Wifi connection in your garden, but most domestic routers output a sufficiently strong signal to support this product.

(3) Infrared garden heaters

Electric infrared patio heaters are a great way of heating your garden or patio as they are inexpensive, easy to turn on and off, reach their operating temperature quickly and are highly directional, which means that they are more efficient than, for example, fire pits, which emit their heat in all directions.

If your garden has a fixed seating area, then we would recommend the installation of a discrete wall mounted infrared heater, with its own dedicated power supply. This will dispense with the need for unsightly and dangerous extension leads, and will allow you to heat your patio, as and when required, with a flick of a switch.

(4) Outdoor sounds systems

There are a number of waterproof speaker systems on the market, but our favourite is the OG Three from SpeakerCraft.

This unobtrusive outdoor loudspeaker, designed to deliver high fidelity sound quality in gardens, pool-sides and other landscapes, is modelled after a standard exterior light-fixture, and so integrates seamlessly into garden environments. You will need to run a physical cable to these speakers from an existing sound system or amplifier, but they do not require a separate power supply.

If you are looking for a more instant all-in-one solution, then we would recommend Lithe’s Bluetooth-ready ‘rock speakers’, which will allow you to stream music directly from your phone or any other Bluetooth enabled audio device.

If you have an existing Sonos system and wish to extend that system into your garden you may be disappointed to discover that Sonos do not yet have a product which is rated for use outdoors. However, we can build for you a bespoke and discrete waterproof enclosure to house a Sonos CONNECT:AMP in your garden, which you can connect to any waterproof speakers of your choosing, such as the OG Three, featured above.

(5) Outdoor power sockets

There are a number of waterproof power sockets which are suitable for installation outdoors. If your electrical installation is not presently protected by an RCD then our recommendation is TimeGuard’s outdoor double socket with integrated residual current device, which is not only stylish in appearance but will keep you and your family fully protected when using electrical appliances in your garden:

If your electrical installation is already protected by an RCD, then we would recommend the slightly cheaper, but equally stylish Masterseal double socket, manufactured by MK:

In either case, installation is usually straightforward; for example, if you have a power socket inside your house on an external wall, we can simply drill through the wall and bring a new cable through to supply your new garden socket.

(6) Quinetic light switches

These devices effectively allow you to add a new light switch anywhere in your home or garden without any wires. What is more, because they work using mechanically (as opposed to electrically) generated radio frequency signals, they do not require any batteries and so, once installed, require no further maintenance.

This video explains everything:

If you want to add a light switch in your garden to control an existing light, then this is the ideal solution. You will need a professional electrician to install this kit, but because no wiring is required between the light and the switch, installation is quick and relatively inexpensive.

(7) Quinetic floodlights

If you want to add a new floodlight in your garden, but don’t want the expense or upheaval of installing a hardwired solution, then Quinetic’s latest offering may be the product you are looking for.

The new Quinetic Ultra Slim LED Floodlight comes with an integrated Quinetic controller that can be paired with the Quinetic wireless switches. A floodlight can be controlled by a maximum of 10 separate switches, and a switch can pair with an unlimited number of floodlights.

Applications include gardens, bushes/shrubs, security lighting, porch lighting, area floodlighting, factories, offices. The possibilities are endless. These eco-friendly lights are available in 10w, 30w & 50w, cool white or warm white and are IP65 rated which means that they are waterproof and can be placed virtually anywhere.

If you would like a quote for the installation of any of the products described above, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0207 06 06 06 1.