Book an EICR survey before 30 June 2018 and receive one free ‘annual check’ the following year – That is two years of legal protection for the price of one!

Terms of this offer:

This offer is only available for landlords ordering an EICR of a rental property, excluding HMOs (houses of multiple occupation), before 30 June 2018. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking before this date, but the EICR survey itself can take place at any time within 12 months of that booking being secured.

Upon completion of your survey you will be issued with an EICR report, documenting the condition of your rental property, in terms of electrical safety and compliance with the Wiring Regulations, BS7671.

It is the Client’s responsibility to contact the Company to arrange the ‘annual check’ for the following year, to take place no sooner than eleven months after the EICR report has been delivered to the client.

What does an annual check include?

  • Check all accessible electrical leads visually to ensure that that they are not damaged or frayed.
  • Undertake a functional test of all electrical appliances and accessible fixed electrical equipment.
  • Verify that tenants are using electrical adaptors and extension leads appropriately (i.e. that they are not ‘daisy chaining’ extension leads/ adaptors.
  • Check all electrical outlets and light switches for signs of damage or overheating and verify correct IP ratings have been maintained.
  • Check that electrical plugs are not cracked or damaged and that no basic insulation of any cable is visible outside of a plug or enclosure.
  • Check that no obvious unauthorized electrical work has been undertaken at the property, including unauthorized changes to protective devices.
  • Undertake functional test of all RCDs.
  • Undertake an electrical test of all RCDs to sure that they will ‘trip’ within the minimum time periods stipulated by BS7671 in the event of a fault.
  • Ensure that the tenant’s use of the property is not compromising their electrical safety (e.g. extension leads in the bathroom, vase of water on top of television.
  • Provide a written report documenting these findings.

Please note that Portable Appliance Testing is not included within an annual check, but we can supply this service to you for £1.00 per lead/appliance during our ‘annual check’ if you require this additional service.

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