Some types of LED lighting flicker at frequencies that may induce a biological human response, and it is therefore important when selecting your LED lamps and the equipment used to switch or ‘drive’ them, that you choose a combination of products which is going to minimize this potentially harmful effect. An excellent academic article on this topic has been provided by Wilkins, Veitch and Lehman.

In addition, a number of eminent photobiologists have raised concerns that some wavelengths of light outputted by LED lamps could be harmful to human health, in particular to the retina. A study conducted in 2014 revealed that rats exposed to some types of LED lighting were more likely to suffer from macular and retinal degeneration than those exposed to traditional light sources. If you are concerned about the potential health effects of LED lighting, we would advise you to select LED lamps which produce white light by mixing red, green and blue light, as opposed to those which produce blue light, which is then filtered down to white light using phosphorous.

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