It is cheaper and easier than you think to add additional power sockets in your home

Electrical installations in older properties are often unable to meet the demands of modern living. Their designers simply did not envisage that homeowners would have so many different electrical appliances in their homes in the future. Consequently, plug adapters and extension leads have become a way of life for a lot of households in the UK.

It is both unsightly and dangerous to have extension leads trailing throughout your home; such cables are a trip hazard and are liable to overheating when overloaded, which can cause house fires, especially if they are on a reel and that reel is not totally extended during use. In addition, because extension leads are used to transport power across thoroughfares in your home, they are liable to become crushed or damaged, which can cause the exposure of live parts and increase the risk of fatal electric shocks.

Some Local Authorities predict that up to 10% of house fires are caused by the inappropriate and excessive use of extension cables in domestic properties.

It is cheaper and easier than you think to add additional power points in your home. Our Operatives take pride in finding clever ways of running cables in your walls and ceilings in the least intrusive ways. Even if we do have to chase a channel in a solid concrete wall, by the time we are finished the cable route will be invisible. At Prime Electricians we do not use surface mounted trunking for cable routing in habitable areas of your home, unless you specifically ask us to do so.

In addition, it is a simple matter to convert single sockets into doubles or doubles in to trebles, so if you are happy with the location of the power sockets in your home, but need more sockets, then get in touch today and we will give you a free no-obligation quotation to convert your existing sockets into doubles or trebles as required.

In fact, you can get a free instant fixed price quotation for this work directly from our website. What is more, all clients who use our self-service quotation tool receive a 20% discount, because we don’t need to sent an electrician out to their home to provide a free quotation.

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